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[font=Comic Sans MS]Qt SDK 1.1 (Release Candidate)[/FONT

The Qt SDK 1.1 release candidate provides developers with the opportunity to experience the next step in tools support for Qt based development.

The new features available in this tool include:

- Qt 4.7.3 (for Symbian, desktop, and simulator) and Qt Mobility 1.1.2 APIs.
- Qt Quick and Qt Creator 2.1 to provide a complete solution for UI development.
- Tools for Symbian, Maemo, and desktop apps, including the use of native APIs.
- Device binaries to enable apps created with the SDK to be run on Symbian devices.
- Qt Assistant has been added as a separate package (the result of developer requests).
- The installer can use system proxy on Linux.
- Notification API is now marked as stable and has been moved to "Additional APIs".
- Several fixes have been made in the Qt Simulator and the installation/updating workflow.

Qt SDK 1.1 RC released


This is a release candidate. And consists of few bugfixes. Final version will have new features.

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